The unique attribute of The Memory App is that you can personalise the memory tags for special photos, documents, notes, passwords etc and recall that memory 24/7 within seconds. No more scrolling of ‘that’ photo or video!!



The Memory App is a multi purpose, freemium solution designed for note taking, increasing organisation and archiving of all information. This customizable productivity app can increase your memory recall while optimizing your storage & photo management.

A digital finding cabinet that you can always instantly access from anywhere in the world, The Memory App is your very own notebook, photo album, diary, journal, personal organiser and project management tool all rolled into one.

From your passwords and passport details to all your pictures, videos, lecture notes and even your favourite recipes, store them all safely and securely through the cross-platform, cloud based productivity app so you’ll never lose or misplace anything important to you again.

You can finally have access to all of your ‘stuff’ instantly, online or offline!

Apple’s voice-to-text software allows you to talk to The Memory App and turn everything you say into text and save valuable time. Study notes, meeting minutes, diary entries and many other applications..


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About Us

The memory app was born when we struggled to find a memory tool out there that was as unique to each of us as we are, yet simple and easy to use. The solution was to allow each person to choose their own personalized tags to create their individual memories. No more categories!

The vision from day one, was to take away even a little bit of frustration that is being experienced daily in today’s world, when one struggles to remember and recall things. In each part of the design and functionality we focused on that core vision of making people’s life easier on a daily basis. We strongly believe that with the memory app you can transform the way you store and look for information important to you.

The memory app is all about you and your life. We would be delighted to hear from you anytime if you think that we can improve anything in our customizable productivity app to make your memory better.

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